Firefly (TNBA)
Posted on July 1, 2013


Slowly but surely, I’m making my way down the list of all the major players in the world of animated Gotham. Firefly’s been on the list for a really long time, but I never could get “fired” up about him. Oddly, once I started him, I really began to enjoy this project.

Let’s get the generalities out of the way first: The torso is a Hasbro new school Two-face, and the legs are Wildcard Joker. The details are Super Sculpey, Kneadatite and styrene, depending on the needed shape (and how much of a hurry I was in at the time). Initially I planned to halve the Two-Face and Joker bodies and attach the necessary parts at the waist, as I have with so many others. However, just before the bodies went under the scroll saw, I realized a simpler solution was at hand. I simply sliced Joker’s legs at the joint and created new pegs from styrene rods. Then I sliced off Two-Face’s legs at the joint, drilled some joint holes, and finally inserted the new legs. Simple, and very effective. (See the image below.)

The head is 100% Super Sculpey, with a metal dowel for the antenna. The jetpack was made from spare parts, styrene and Super Sculpey. The gun is made from a Mr. Freeze gun. (The designs are very similar…) I only needed to trim some parts and add the secondary barrel using a styrene rod.

I am extremely pleased with Firefly. For a fairly uninteresting character, the figure stands out great among my other new school figures.

Created Spring 2004


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