Catwoman (2022)
We all know that the time necessary to develop and ultimately release action figures is lengthy, usually from 9 month to a year or more. And sometimes the figures that are released don’t quite match the movie, because the source material changed in that time. Happens all the time. It (read more...)
Bruce Wayne (2022)
This custom features another fine head sculpt and 3D print by One12Custom. All I had to do was paint it and find a body. Mcfarlane’s figures tend to be slightly larger than actual 1:10, and the 2022 movie stuff is a solid example of that. I had to find a (read more...)
Edward Nygma (1995)
I debated whether or not to share these photos, because the result is less than stellar. Ultimately, I decided this was a cautionary tale that ought to be told. I bought a 3D-printed head of mid-90s Jim Carrey, intended to use it for a Batman Forever Eddie Nygma. What I (read more...)
Harvey Dent (2008)
Another custom brought to you by an eBay purchase! I found the 3D-printed Harvey Dent head from a seller in China, and that meant I had to find a body. Fortunately, Diamond Select’s TV Gotham Jim Gordon worked perfectly. I only had to add a few stripes to the tie. (read more...)
James Gordon (2005)
Another custom due entirely to an eBay find! I bought this 1:10 3D-printed head of Gary Oldman as James Gordon, and that meant I had to make the rest of him. The good news was the near perfect body already existed: Diamond Select’s TV Gotham Jim Gordon. All I did (read more...)
James Gordon (2022)
I very much enjoyed Matt Reeves take on Batman. The movie has easily become a favorite. And one of the best things to come out of the film is the casting of Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon. I have always enjoyed his work, but it’s next-level in The Batman. He (read more...)
John Blake (2012)
I found a 3D-print of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s head as John Blake on eBay, and saw the opportunity to add the character to my 1:10 Bat shelf. Once I had the head in hand, I struggled with which outfit from The Dark Knight Rises to reference. I gravitated toward his “detective (read more...)
Kingpin (2022)
What’s this? A Marvel character on Inanimate Objects? To be fair, it’s not the first time. But it is rare. (In a perfect world, I’d have room for Marvel and DC toys in my life. My wallet told me I had to pick one or the other.) I am excited (read more...)
Ra’s al Ghul (2005)
Another project prompted by an eBay purchase. I found a 1:10 Liam Neeson as Ra’s al Ghul head on eBay, and followed suit with… a suit! The body is once again a Diamond Select TV Gotham Jim Gordon, painted black. I printed the mask from a Thingiverse file, but it’s (read more...)
Lex Luthor (2021)
The Snydervers movies exist in such a complicated space. My personal relationship with them no less so. BvS and JL as presented in the theatre were garbage. But the extended cut of BVS and the Snyder cut of JL forced me to rethink them. Add Man of Steel to the (read more...)