Red Hood (White Knight)
Posted on September 14, 2023

I know I’m in the minority when I say I am not a Red Hood fan. Thankfully, Sean Murphy’s “White Knight” books are a continuity unto themselves, and as a result Red Hood’s placement in the Bat mythos is a bit different. This Jason Todd is worth my time!

My interest in this project was sparked when Hyden made his White Knight Red Hood head sculpt available. Honestly, without that very specific design, there’s no point in making this version of Red Hood.

While Murphy’s Red Hood shares some common elements with previous versions, it’s as unique to itself as the helmet is. I really scoured the available base figures to find something as close to Murphy’s design as I could find. I ultimately landed on the DC Direct Essentials Red Hood. No existing figure was perfect, but the Essentials versions was close enough. It had a similar jacket, sleeves, holsters, and already had the shin guards. I added the titular hood behind the collar, and the belt supports to the holsters.  I printed and cut out the piping on the pants, as I was not crazy enough to try and paint all those tiny lines! Guns are from fodder supplies.

Created June 2023


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