Lafayette Arkham (White Knight)
Sean Murphy’s “Curse of the White Knight” introduces us to Lafayette “Laffy” Arkham, a tyrant over old Gotham who may or may not be a vampire. We don’t get to spend a lot of time with Laffy, but he is fascinating in that brief encounter. I was well underway on (read more...)
Nightwing (White Knight)
It’s clear in Sean Murphy’s “White Knight” books that he loves the animated series. Nowhere does that shine though more than his Nightwing design. It’s all but lifted straight from TNBA, adding a light jacket for warmth. I love it! The base figure is McFarlane’s Titans Nightwing figure. The jacket (read more...)
Poison Ivy (White Knight)
Like so many other renditions of Bat characters in Sean Murphy’s “White Knight” books, Ivy is a version unto herself. Murphy’s art is loose enough that it can be hard to pin down the details of her costume, but I think I landed on the main points. As I have (read more...)
Red Hood (White Knight)
I know I’m in the minority when I say I am not a Red Hood fan. Thankfully, Sean Murphy’s “White Knight” books are a continuity unto themselves, and as a result Red Hood’s placement in the Bat mythos is a bit different. This Jason Todd is worth my time! My (read more...)
Jessica Rabbit (Bombshell)
It was only a matter of time before I found ways to bring Jessica Rabbit to my Bombshells shelf. It was inevitable. This Jessica is a 3D sculpt by the talented E.S Monster. I scaled it down to match my Bombshell figures, and removed the base. The first time around (read more...)
Jessica Rabbit (Bombshell Ranger)
As I was working on my version of the Jessica Rabbit sculpt by E.S Monster, I was struck with a “eureka” moment: I could use the slightly-less toony look to create her Ranger look from “Trail Mix Up,” and the existing Bombshells Wonder Woman would be a terrific base figure! (read more...)
Christopher Lloyd
I like to think that if the Muppet Show had carried on for just another year or two, Christopher Lloyd would have been a natural fit for a guest star. (Based on Taxi alone, well before Back to the Future.) This custom figure is the result of that thought. I (read more...)
Christopher Reeve
The Christopher Reeve episode of the Muppet Show is pure delight. He is clearly having tremendous fun with all the fur and feathers. When I stumbled across a free 3D print file of Christopher Reeve’s head, I knew I had to take action. (Note the head was of Christopher, not (read more...)
Alfred Pennyworth (2005)
Finding one of Michael Caine’s Alfred costumes in 1:10 scale is harder than it sounds. I never did find any of his exact suits (much less sweater ensembles). I ultimately settled on this TV Gotham Alfred body from Diamond Select. I don’t think I even repainted anything. It’s not exact, (read more...)
Alfred Pennyworth (Snyderverse)
I don’t think there’s ever been a poor choice in Alfred casting, on camera or voice actor. But amongst an elite group, Jeremy Iron’s Alfred stands out. Just the perfect blend of fatherly affection and snark.  As of this writing, he’s also the only on-camera Alfred whose costume color pallet (read more...)