Batman ’89 (Sketch)
Posted on September 29, 2023

I fully admit to stealing this recipe. I would love to give credit, but I forgot where I saw it. If it was you, please let me know!

I can’t say I set out to make a custom figure of the “Bat-Man” sketch from the 1989 movie, but the existence of the Indiana Jones Kazim figure made it too hard to resist! The suit is just too perfect! Following the example I saw online, I procured a Super7 “the Worst” Batula figure. (Loose on ebay, because Super7’s prices are beyond absurd and I refuse to pay them.) I swapped the hands, feet, and head to Kazim’s body. Some of the joints required a little retro-active engineering, but they got there in the end. I painted the bat parts to help hide their origin. The cape comes from a Mattel Masterverse Evil-Lyn, which I dyed black. The loops were perfect for stretching across his arms.

Such a fun, obscure little monster to have on the shelf!

Created July 2023


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