Scarecrow (Straitjacket 2005)
Posted on March 4, 2024

After 4+ years with the DC license, I think most of would agree that when it comes to live action accuracy, McFarlane’s track record is hit and miss. Mostly miss. (But the “Batman and Robin” movie wave proves he can nail it when he tries.) I felt like this version of Scarecrow from 2005’s “Batman Begins” was a big miss. The head was… covered in maggots? Is that was those are? Where did that come from? And the jacket lacked important painted details. (The straps also defy physics.) So I did some course correction.

I printed a whole new head from a 3D statue file that’s floating around. Then I repainted the entire straitjacket. Not much I can do about the weird bends in the straps, but at least they are painted now.

Created June 2023


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