Jessica Rabbit (Bombshell Ranger)
Posted on March 26, 2023

As I was working on my version of the Jessica Rabbit sculpt by E.S Monster, I was struck with a “eureka” moment: I could use the slightly-less toony look to create her Ranger look from “Trail Mix Up,” and the existing Bombshells Wonder Woman would be a terrific base figure! Needless to say, I started work immediately.

I modified the head file to fit a neck. The hat came from Thingiverse. (Thanks for the assist in cleaning up the file, Zelu1984!) I aligned the hat to fit the hair, without losing the big curl. (Not screen accurate that way, but my choice.) Once all was ready, I printed the head and hat.

The rest was old fashioned customizing. The base body is a Bombshells Wonder Woman. I, uh, augmented the chest, and added the pockets using Magic Sculpt. The lower arms/gloves come from a Bombshell Batgirl, the hands from Bombshell Ivy. The lower legs were donated by a DC Essentials Harley, with feet from a Marvel Legends Enchantress. The rest is paint.

Created March 2023


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