Lafayette Arkham (White Knight)
Posted on September 14, 2023

Sean Murphy’s “Curse of the White Knight” introduces us to Lafayette “Laffy” Arkham, a tyrant over old Gotham who may or may not be a vampire. We don’t get to spend a lot of time with Laffy, but he is fascinating in that brief encounter.

I was well underway on my Edmond Wayne custom, and had not considered making Laffy. Which is, of course, ridiculous. Wayne needed a nemesis! Then I happened to be looking at the Diamond Select Jack Sparrow figure, when it hit me: I was looking at Laffy.

Laffy only appears in a few panels, and we never see his full attire. That meant I had a little leeway in his costume design. Captain Jack’s coat and sleeves were near-perfect already. I blasted away anything that was specific to Jack, such as the compass. I kept most of the sashes and belts. I added the shirt collar using Magic Sculpt.

To add to the weirdness that is Laffy, he apparently runs around barefoot. That meant new feet and pants. Without the big pirate boots, pants is pants, so I swapped everything below the waist with the pelvis and legs of a Diamond Select Gotham Jim Gordon. Jack and Gordon sharing a manufacturer in common meant the waist joint was compatible.

The head is a McFarlane Joker. (New52? I don’t remember.) I printed the feet. (In the WIP photo, he has temporary feet that are too large.) The sword came from a McFarlane princess bride Westley.

The fact I could fudge a few details on this one made for a fun project.

Created June 2023


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