Harleen Quinzel (Doctor)
When I started building customs for the 6” animated line, I told myself I did not want to revisit characters I had already made in the previous smaller scale. (Aside from some unmasked heads, and such.) But I knew that rule couldn’t last forever, especially as the line is winding (read more...)
Batgirl (Bombshell Vampire)
As far as customizing some Bombshell figures goes, Vampire Batgirl is one of the easier options. 90% of her is a repaint of the existing Batgirl figure. The head is where things get interesting. In an effort to really send a clear signal that this was indeed a vampire, I (read more...)
Catwoman (Bombshell)
What to do with a spare Bombshell Poison Ivy figure? Turn her into Catwoman, of course. The first challenge was the skirt. After several attempts, I found the best solution was a JLU Darkseid skirt. It was almost a perfect fit. It didn’t quite meet up in the back, so (read more...)
Rocketeer (Betty)
Cliff’s girlfriend Betty suited up as the Rocketeer may have been what started this current Bombshell batch of customs. I’ve seen lots of great fan art and cosplay of Betty in the jacket, but never a custom figure. When I realized that Bombshell Poison Ivy would make a great base (read more...)
Roxy Rocket (Bombshell)
Of the many Bombshell customizing possibilities, Roxy Rocket is probably the lowest hanging fruit. She’s essentially a head swap and a repaint. It doesn’t get much easier. Roxy is made using a Harley Quinn Bombshell body. The only physical change I effected was the removal of the cuffs on the (read more...)
Zatanna (Bombshell)
Oh, what might have been! Bombshell Zatanna was meant to be part of the third wave of Bombshell figures by DC Collectibles. Sadly, like so many other products solicited by the company in recent months, the whole wave was cancelled without explanation. So I took it upon myself to partially (read more...)
Janine Melnitz
I was really hoping we’d see a Ghostbusters 2 Janine, once Diamond Select’s line moved along that far. Now that we’ve seen the line-up through wave 10, that doesn’t seem likely. So once again I must make my own stuff! Renee from Diamond Select’s Mallrats line makes up the body. (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Ghostbuster)
What can’t Harley be adapted as? The inspiration for this project came from a New52 comic, in which Harley dons a very Ghostbusters-esque version of her red and blue to hunt to spooks. Of course, I did not care for the color scheme, so I opted for something a little (read more...)
Dana Barrett
We are deep into the second line of movie-based Ghostbusters figures, and poor Dana never gets produced as a “regular” version, only as Zuul. I thought that was unfair and decided to remedy it. The inspiration for the construction came from the Janine figure. I realized that without the giant (read more...)
Ghostbusters (Marshmallow)
When Mattel produced their 6″ line of Ghostbusters, I was very disappointed in the marshmallow versions of the ‘Busters. Mattel took the cheap way out and slapped on a minimal amount of white paint. There was no additional sculpting to represent the mass of marshmallow that covered each fellow, and (read more...)