Wonder Woman (Wingless Armor)
Wonder Woman 1984… did not deliver as promised. Still, despite some highly questionable choices in the script, it featured some lovely visuals, not the least of which was Diana in her Kingdom Come armor! As is so often the case, she wore the wings and helmet for only a fraction (read more...)
Gray Ghost (Bombshell)
One of the many things I admire about the DC Bombshells series is that the creators, artists, and editors resisted the urge to simply gender-swap the characters. The ladies of the DC Universe got the chance to shine, without merely being converted versions of the male characters. In my expansions (read more...)
Baby Doll (Bombshell)
Right about now, you might be thinking ‘What the hell, Casimir? Baby Doll as a Bombshell? That is not okay. You should seek counseling.” I get that. I really do. But hear me out. It’s not what you think. While I was pondering my “comic book style” Baby Doll, I (read more...)
Maxima (Bombshell)
The inspiration for a custom can come from various places. Usually it’s “I want this character on my shelf.” Sometimes it’s a case of “let’s see what can be made from this.” And that’s where Maxima started. McFarlane’s DC Multiverse line has re-written the rules for DC figures. The line (read more...)
Captain Marvel (Bombshell)
I love Back to the Future, and I’m really enjoying NECA’s line of figures. (Finally! I waited 35 years for these!) Given the wide range of historical fashions the Bombshells pull from, I felt adapting a 1955 Biff into a something closer to a varsity jacket would be a good (read more...)
Batwoman (Bombshell Away Uniform)
This one is a straight-up repaint. If DC Direct can do it, so can I. Painting over black with red meant having to repaint first with an opaque, transitional color. I find that tans and beiges work best for this. Then I painted over that with red. Simple stuff. Created (read more...)
Joker (Bombshell Sailor)
Anyone who follows my exploits knows the inciting incident that led to me making customs of the DC Bombshells was that DC Direct was in turmoil, and prematurely cancelled the line after several figures had been solicited and promised. 40+ customs later, I am pleased to announce this particular Joker (read more...)
Killer Croc (Bombshell)
Now here’s a custom that I pondered for a long time. Good ol’ Waylon Jones appears in the Bombshells comic as part of the Suicide Squad, and Ant Lucia, primary designer of the Bombshells, even designed a cover with the Squad and Croc. So if you haven’t seen this design (read more...)
Phantasm (Bombshell)
This custom started from a challenge to myself: What could I build (mostly) from leftover parts? The result is my take on a Bombshell Phantasm. The torso is Bombshell Batwoman. The arms are from a Marvel Legends White Rabbit. The legs are Bombshell Batgirl. I sculpted a few details with (read more...)
Superman (Bombshell)
This is another custom project where the whole thing depends on the base figure. I needed to find a male figure, 7″-scale, “heroic” without being bulky. That’s actually quite tough to find. And I was looking for quite some time. One day I’m in a Target, and I stumble across (read more...)