Harleen Quinzel (White Knight)
There is so much to love in “Batman: White Knight.” One of my favorite aspects is the depiction of Harley. Sean Gordon Murphy really understands her in ways most current writers of the character do not. Thank you Mr. Murphy! To craft a custom of Harleen, I needed to find (read more...)
James Gordon (GTO)
We all knew when McFarlane announced the Joker/Jack Napier “White Knight” figure that we’d all be converting it to other members of the GTO. Guilty as charged. The easy part was painting over the green with orange. The hard part was finding an appropriate head. I finally settled on the (read more...)
Batgirl (White Knight)
“Batman: White Knight” is the best Bat book to be released in almost 20 years. Fight me! So of course I had to make customs from it. The story goes that DC was so enamored of Sean Gordon Murphy’s Batgirl design that they incorporated elements of it into the mainstream (read more...)
Big Barda (Bombshell)
When the Maven Collectibles “blank” figures were announced, I was fairly excited. They offered a 7″ and a 6″ option. I was all in! But when I received some, I was mildly disappointed to find that, yes, the figures really were 7″ and 6″ tall. Which means each lady would (read more...)
Black Phantom (Bombshell)
Diamond Select released a few characters from Westworld. I knew the “outlaw” Delores figure would be useful, I just wasn’t sure how yet. So I posed the question to the fans of Inanimate Objects: what could be made from Delores in a DC Bombshells style? The best answer I received (read more...)
Lois Lane (Bombshell)
If DC Collectibles had not cancelled the Bombshells line, I feel confident Lois would have been made, probably in wave 4. Ant Lucia’s reimagining of her as a newsie is a wonderful twist on the character. I could not avoid making her. The torso and legs started as Bombshells Mera. (read more...)
Gsptlsnz (Bombshell)
Gsptlsnz! For a character with only a few seconds of screen time (and only a smattering of comic appearances since then), I sure am fascinated with her! It’s probably because she’s a straight-up pin-up gal, and that’s right in my wheelhouse. The only real question is why did it take (read more...)
Mxyzptlk (Bombshell)
I finally make my first male Bombshell and it’s… Mxyzptlk?! Yeah, well, if I’m going to make Gspy, I have to make Mxy. It’s a law of nature. Mxy wasn’t too difficult. His body is Mattel’s Dr. Psycho. His face comes from an old “boss” action figure. (Think the office (read more...)
Phantom Lady (Bombshell)
Many years ago DC Direct produced an excellent Golden Age Phantom lady action figure (though the articulation was lousy, as was their style at the time). When I brought home my first set of Bombshell figures, one of the first things I did was dig out said figure. Alas, it (read more...)
Talia al Ghul (Bombshell)
Talia al Ghul may be the most difficult Bombshell custom I have attempted to date. The Middle Eastern design influences mean there are virtually no parts from other figures to steal from. I know, because I researched this one several times over several years, always hoping I overlooked something. But (read more...)