Marty McFly (1885)
Posted on July 7, 2021

I waited over 30 years for Back to the Future figures. The wait was (almost) worth it, what with NECA nailing it almost every time.

I’m sure NECA will eventually give us some Part 3 costumes. In fact, if the Casimir Curse holds, my making this almost guarantees it. You’re welcome.

Marty wears various looks in 1885, usually made by adding or dropping different parts of the ensemble. I went with the poncho look because it was slightly different from all the “normal” jackets on the shelf.

The base figure is a Teddy Flood from Diamond Select’s Westworld line. (I’m getting a lot of mileage out of that one.) I didn’t do much besides removing the head and the jacket. Once the jacket was removed, I filled in some of the holes left behind and ultimately shaped and painted the shirt, but I probably could have skipped all that given the poncho. Of course, using Teddy as a base meant Marty is far taller than Michael Fox ever dreamed of being. I could have chopped and remade the legs, but that seemed like a lot of work for a figure that would likely be replaced by the real deal in the semi-near future.

Marty’s head is from the BTTF 2 version, with the cap removed, replaced with Teddy’s cowboy hat.

The poncho is cut from felt, with stripes added via brown marker. The actual design is much more complicated (and interesting), but this is all could manage with such rudimentary materials. Works well enough.

Created May 2021



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