Harley Quinn (As Poison Ivy)
Posted on July 14, 2021

Harley has a tradition of wearing the outfits and costumes of her friends and allies. (And sometimes her enemies.) She’s sort of the Bugs Bunny of Gotham that way.

Mattel’s final Poison Ivy figure was…. not as good as I think they intended. As far as I’m concerned, the perfect “generic” Ivy figure doesn’t exist yet. (But the perfect Ivy figure does exist, and that’s the Bombshells version.) Despite the sub-par quality of the final, released figure, I always wanted to find out if I could get some use from it. After making my Sideshow Harley custom, I had this spare Mattel Harley head. Why not put it to good use? A quick head swap, BOOM, she’s done.

Honestly, sometimes these super simple ones bring me as much joy as the labors of love.

Created June 2021


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