Batmobile (Retro)
The Shadow Thundercab became the basis for this project. The bat shield was sculpted and the roof and fin were cut from styrene. The black spray paint made it appropriate for Bats to keep in his garage. Created Spring 1999 (read more...)
Batmobile (Grand Prix)
Somewhere, a devoted Speed Racer fan is screaming. Yes, this is a repainted Mach 5 toy. I am not a Speed racer fan, though I’m more than happy to use Resaurus’ great figures as parts. The Mach 5 playset is simply amazing, and I’d probably have bought it even if (read more...)
Batcave Robin Memorial (TNBA)
Technically speaking, the Robin Memorial appears three different ways over the course of the various animated series: as above in “Over the Edge,” the red and black version in “Sins of the Father,” and of course the full Heroes Memorial in “Batman Beyond.” This time around, I chose to go (read more...)
Batcave Villain Memorials
I love the idea of the Villain Memorials in the Batcave! Why, I don’t know. Funny that way, I guess. These latest versions are updated to reflect the most recent custom efforts. See below for downloads and construction guidelines. The Villain cases are actually plastic banks available at “the Container (read more...)
Batcave Heroes Memorial
The Heroes Memorial was a great set piece seen in almost every episode of “Batman Beyond.” This new updated version features the most accurate renditions of the figures yet. The Heroes Memorial image file measure 6″ x 15″, and is designed to be printed on 11″x17″ paper. The frame for (read more...)
Batcave (Toybiz)
The original Batcave toy from the ToyBiz movie line was a nice sculpt, but horribly painted. I went over the original drab grey with many layers of blues and black, to match the cool colors of the animated style cave. The catwalks were changed from bright red to a subtle (read more...)
Batcave (Mattel)
I love playsets! I always have. Sadly, the glory days of playsets has long since passed. I had hoped the new Mattel Batcave for “the Batman” might break the dry spell. Alas, that was not to be. The shortcomings of the playset in question have been well documented elsewhere. Despite (read more...)
Batcave (Hasbro)
Hasbro had plenty of chances to get this one right. I suppose they never did an awful job, but they never really did the playset justice with their wacky paintjobs. I chose to repaint the “cave” side to match the blues and blacks of my previous cave pieces. Perhaps one (read more...)
Arkham Asylum
Arkham Asylum. The very name strikes fear in the hearts of the just and unjust alike. And probably a few customizers, too. I’ve rarely seen efforts to bring Arkham to one’s shelves beyond some simple cardboard divisions, much less anything that attempted to be screen accurate. It was time to (read more...)
Batcave Robin Memorial (6″ scale)
I’d been planning this one for a long time, but waited until I had need of both the DC Direct Silver Age Robin and Batman before I started this one. The project was relatively simple. It only took an afternoon to remove the excess limbs and hollow out the appropriate (read more...)