When I took the plunge into 3D printing, it was with the goal of producing 1:12 and 1:10 vehicles, large though they may be. High on that list of potential projects was the Batskiboat from “Batman Returns.” I worked with a set of files developed by CGmorph on CGTrader.  (read more...)
Chachapoyan Alter
Another fine 3D sculpt brought to you by Charveys3D! Printed with Siraya Fast tech Grey on an Elegoo Jupiter. The main body is hollow, of course. After painting it, I applied lines of glue along the seams and cracks, and then sprinkled with “Army Painter” grass, for that mossy growth (read more...)
Tanis Map Room
InPrintConditon was a Patreon subscription that developed some amazing 3D playsets and accessories for printing. Sadly, they recently shuttered their doors, and the world is lesser for it. This is their Map Room playset. I printed using Siraya Fast Tech Grey in an Elegoo Jupiter. Most of the pieces are (read more...)
“Raiders” Basket and Crate
I was pleased Hasbro saw fit to bring us some 6″ Indiana Jones figures in 2023, short-lived though the line might be. I was equally pleased to see some of our industrious 3D sculptors create new accessories for said figures. The Cairo basket and Ark crate come courtesy of Charveys3D. (read more...)
Batmobile ’89
Someone once described McFarlane’s ’89 Batmobile toy as a $60 model kit, and that description is apt. I’ve wanted a proper 1/12th or 1/10th 1989 Batmobile for so long, and when we finally get one it falls short. Ignoring the fact it is undersized, my biggest complaint was the misshapen (read more...)
There are a LOT of Patreon subscriptions offering 3D print files. One of my favorites is Inprintcondition. Their stuff is always fun and useful! It’s mostly Star Wars (which I love, but don’t have room for), but there’s plenty of Gotham in there, too. (And Indiana Jones, and a few (read more...)
Batmobile (White Knight)
When I started to dive into the world of resin 3D printing, I had one primary goal: BATMOBILES. And near the top of that list was Sean Murphy’s “White Knight” Batmobile. It took me the better part of two years (and a LOT of mistakes!), but I finally got there. (read more...)
Batmobile (TNBA)
When I started to dive into the world of resin 3D printing, I had one primary goal: BATMOBILES. And at the top of that list was a 1/12th TNBA (The New Batman Adventures) Batmobile to complement my DC Direct figures. It took me the better part of two years (and (read more...)
Selina Kyle’s Apartment
In February of 2020, Playmates unveiled a new playset for the Miraculous Ladybug series. (It’s a French super hero show.) Obviously, it was meant to invoke a Parisian apartment, and as far as modern playsets go, it’s a solid design. But I didn’t see Paris. I saw Gotham. Specifically, I (read more...)
Muppet Theatre
Here’s another one of those projects that was decades in the making. At least four. Those of us who loved and collected the Palisades Muppet line of figures back in the day were disheartened that we never got a Muppet Theatre stage set before the company imploded. (Assuming such a (read more...)