Laff It Up Comedy Club
Thanks to the magic of the interwebz, I was made aware of a dollhouse ballet studio playset that was appearing on clearance at Target. I was able to snag one of these beauties on the cheap. I knew it had potential, but at first I wasn’t sure what it should (read more...)
The Secret Saturdays continues to be the toy line that keeps on giving (to customizers)! My “Javelin-R1” is a repaint of the Secret Saturdays Griffin Stealth ship. I found it on clearance, and was struck by its design similarities to the JLU Javelins. Obviously, it’s not a direct match, but (read more...)
Hall of Doom
Imaginext continues their line of amazing playsets. Too bad they’re the wrong scale for Timm-verse figures! That’s okay. They still make great backdrops. Like most of their playsets, this one needed some extra attention in the paint department. The base (the ground and the Hall of Doom’s “legs”) was a (read more...)
Joker’s Funhouse
Some of the Imaginext playsets are tremendous fun. I only wish they were a little bit larger to accommodate the Timm-verse scale. Despite that, I’ll still use them as backdrops. They are too much fun to ignore! This was one of the Joker Funhouse playsets. It’s very much designed to (read more...)
Hill Valley (BTTF)
The vintage-style playsets continue! This time it’s just a backdrop, as the Delorean is really the centerpiece. My choice of the lightning-struck clocktower was more chance than my decision. Not having the time to craft some art from scratch, I searched for the largest images I could find. This one (read more...)
The recent vintage-style figures by Funko and ReAction demand playsets for display, but there are none to be had. What’s a customizer to do? Take matters into his own hands, of course. Like Jack’s Lab and Christmastown, the Serenity playset is modeled after the vintage Star Wars versions. I wanted (read more...)
Another fine collaboration with the amazing A-Tyke of the Customs! After Tyke and I finished our vintage-style Jack’s Lab playset, Tyke moved on to Christmastown. The basic premise was to create a backdrop that would work with one of Kenner’s ubiquitous bases. Tyke used screenshots from recent games and modified (read more...)
Buffy Library
I had every intention of building a “vintage” style playset for the ReAction Buffy figures. I may yet get around to that. Until then, I wanted to find a quick display solution. I dug out the old 6″-scale Buffy library playset (which is far too large for the ReAction figures), (read more...)
Jack’s Lab (NBX)
Shortly after Funko/ReAction announced their many “vintage style” toy lines, that wascilly wabbit of the interwebz Jason Geyer posted an amazing fake mock-up of a vintage-style Alien Nostromo ship playset, based on the old Star Wars cantina set. I presume Mr. Geyer meant it as a lark, but I thought (read more...)
Batcave (1989 Movie)
I’ve repainted a lot of ToyBiz Batcave playsets in my time, but never one quite like this.  I stumbled across a movie-style repaint by Solitude Is Preferred, and I knew had to make a similar one. I don’t claim mine is anywhere near as nice as Solitude’s, but I’m pleased (read more...)