Brainiac’s Skullship
Posted on July 11, 2024

I don’t collect or customize much in the “Super Powers” scale, but I know several folks who do, and I enjoy seeing their work. Somewhere in that world, photos of this Brainiac ship started to bubble up. Turns out it was designed by DFSergent on Thingiverse, and it’s a totally free set of files. I could work with that!

I scaled up the files 150% to accommodate 1:10 (7″) figures. Most of it was printed in Siraya Tech Fast grey resin. The eyes and canopy were printed using Siraya Blu emerald blue. All on an Elegoo Jupiter. I did have to slice the body into smaller parts to fit the Jupiter’s volume.

I created the interior labels to give the cockpit a little pizzazz.

I did experience some issues getting the main body and face parts to align. Can’t say if those issues were born of the files, the scaling up, and/or possible print shrinkage.

If I were to do this over, I would print the body and robot tentacles in something stronger and less brittle. Just moving it around, three arms have broken off, shredding the body. I was able to make repairs, but it doesn’t bold well for the longevity of the piece. I’d also rig the arms with magnets, instead of being locked to the body via glue. (The weight of the ship is held up by the stand underneath, not the arms.)

Created June 2024


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