Posted on February 8, 2015

Firefly-vintage-backdrop-01The recent vintage-style figures by Funko and ReAction demand playsets for display, but there are none to be had. What’s a customizer to do? Take matters into his own hands, of course.

Like Jack’s Lab and Christmastown, the Serenity playset is modeled after the vintage Star Wars versions. I wanted a backdrop against the ubiquitous “track” base. The hardest part was finding the right image to use. Fortunately, I stumbled across the magnificent work of Sam Barham. He’s built a digital Serenity that is breathtaking. I asked if I could use one of his images, and he graciously agreed. This allowed me to use the image of Serenity just outside the cargo hold. Perfect! (For those who look closely at the full download, you’ll see some jagged lines in these images. These are the result of Sam’s work being built for screen, not print. Still looks great!)

You can obtain the file to print in the downloads section under “playsets.” Be warned that it is large. Printing it full size might require some creativity.

Thanks, Sam!

Created February 2015


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