Hall of Doom
Posted on May 25, 2015


Imaginext continues their line of amazing playsets. Too bad they’re the wrong scale for Timm-verse figures! That’s okay. They still make great backdrops.

Like most of their playsets, this one needed some extra attention in the paint department. The base (the ground and the Hall of Doom’s “legs”) was a solid green. The wood textures were a solid brown. The sculpt had lots of detail in it that was just screaming to be noticed! A little paint and a couple of hours and this thing is ready for prime time.

Created May 2015



  • texgnome1 says:

    wow – this turned out even better than I expected when you first started talking about it. beautiful rework cas!

  • Ray says:

    Is amazing! I wish you could explain how you painted it cause i love your work!

    • Thanks, Ray! I masked off the “head” and elevator portions, then sprayed the remainder with dullcote to act as an invisible primer. Then I applied some washes to darken the base colors, followed by some drybrushed highlights. It’s pretty simple, and not difficult. Give it a try!

  • Jim O' says:

    Wow. This really looks fantastic.
    I’m trying to limit my want-to-do and got-to-do lists, but this is definitely going onto them.
    (Hmm. Seems like I always have at least one new “got-to-do” every time I check out your site!)

  • kID cOMET says:

    Hey Cason awesome work as always – I have bought one of these and the hall of justice – This is fantastic – Can’t wait to see what you do to the Hall of justice they released

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