Joker’s Funhouse
Posted on May 17, 2015


Some of the Imaginext playsets are tremendous fun. I only wish they were a little bit larger to accommodate the Timm-verse scale. Despite that, I’ll still use them as backdrops. They are too much fun to ignore!

This was one of the Joker Funhouse playsets. It’s very much designed to be a Joker-themed playset, with lots of purple and green to remind just exactly who lives there. But I wanted to give the playset a more generic look, as though it was part of an old amusement park that was rotting away. (“Killing Joke” comes to mind.) So I repainted it to de-Jokerize it. The only physical change I made was adding a hat to the clown, and removing the doorway tongue. I did print a small graphic to place behind the entrance, giving the illusion of a long, dark hallway.

Created 2015



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