Huntress (Dark Heart)
Once again Mattel managed to offer fans a figure using generic parts that might not have been made otherwise. This is a fine strategy. However, there’s simply no excuse regarding how far off some of these paint jobs are. This first version of Huntress needed a complete overhaul. Her paint (read more...)
Human Bomb
The Human Bomb is part of the Freedom Fighters, the Golden Age team I submitted as an entry to CustomCon 14. This interpretation of the team is based on Carlo Barberi’s and Larry Stucker’s art from the comic Justice League Unlimited #17. Human Bomb was relatively simple. I chose Mirror (read more...)
Emil Hamilton
Professor Hamilton is another project that started from Glassman’s fantastic head-sculpts. We’re very lucky Glassman is so talented, and can share his work on a limited basis. I followed Glassman’s lead on the recipe, too. The base body is a DC Direct “Superman: Doomsday” Lex. It’s a bit small in (read more...)
Harvey Dent (BTAS)
I’ve had this one planned for a long time. While sorting through the loose heads drawer, I realized that the Hasbro Lex Luthor head was not too far removed from the pre-Two-Face Harvey Dent design, especially in the mouth and nose. So I expanded the chin and created some hair (read more...)
Harvey Bullock (TNBA)
Anyone who customizes in this style knows that Bullock is one of the hardest characters to accurately create. JB Designs created an excellent version from a Ben 10 “Grandpa Max” figure, something I had considered doing. However, as great as JB’s custom was, I felt it was too short, given (read more...)
Green Lantern Spol
My custom Spol is entirely Glassman’s fault. If he hadn’t created such a fine head sculpt, and then made it available to others, I wouldn’t have taken the time to add another Green Lantern to my shelves. Darn that Glassman! Not much to this fella besides paint. I did opt (read more...)
Green Lantern Salaak
Salaak is one of many amazing Glassman headsculpts I’ve had sitting on my desk for far too long. I’d work on him for awhile, then he’d be put aside while other projects bullied their way ahead. Finally, he’s finished and ready for the shelf! The head is Glassman’s fantastic sculpt. (read more...)
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (STAS)
Kyle Rayner, as he appeared in “Superman: The Animated Series,” is one of the most common animated customs seen. Most customizers use a modified version of a Nightwing head, either Mattel or Hasbro. Generally speaking, that will work in a pinch (and I have seen some excellent ones), but very (read more...)
Green Lantern Katma Tui (The Return)
I had just started making a Katma Tui figure based on her “Hearts and Minds” appearance, when I realized I ought to make her from “the Return” as well. Katma Tui was my first project to use the new “generic” female body by Mattel. Given its smaller stature, I felt (read more...)
Green Lantern Katma Tui (Hearts & Minds)
Katma Tui was my first project to use the new “generic” female body by Mattel. Given its smaller stature, I felt it was appropriate for Katma, as she’s somewhat short. (She’s not an Amazon character!) Aside from the presence of heels, the base figure was just about perfect. (And for (read more...)