Bane (TNBA)
The historical timeline of customizing is parallel to the growth of the internet. Many years ago, as customizers were setting up their first galleries and websites, I produced my first version of Bane. Looking at the custom now, it’s pretty rough. I like to think I’ve improved since then. But (read more...)
Aresia was made as part of Scott Rogers’ Hawkgirl Challenge in CustomCon 14. Multiple participants submitted figures made from Hawkgirl bases, showing what a wonderfully versatile base Hawkgirl is. Aresia uses Hawkgirl’s body and limbs, with the gauntlets, arm band, shin guards, belt and halter top lines sculpted from Magic (read more...)
Amanda Waller
Glassman is one of my favorite JLU customizers. He honed his craft on Star Wars customs, then added to JLU to his mighty repertoire. He’s a heck of a talent, and a gentlemen to boot! On occasion, he makes casts of his original sculpts and makes a limited amount available (read more...)
Zatanna Zatara (JLU)
Once again, I must praise Mattel for offering a wide variety of characters, even if they have to cut corners to do it. I know the designers are doing their best to appease the fans and keep their jobs at the same time. That being said, I still feel the (read more...)
Zatanna Zatara (BTAS)
Zatanna has been on my to-do list ever since I started making customs. Somehow, she always got bumped, and never made it to the top of the list. Even after saving Charlie Jackam’s great recipe, I always seemed to have other characters demanding my attention first. Alas, Zatanna’s day has (read more...)
I was thrilled to hear Mattel would be making a Vixen figure. Alas, my joy was deflated when I saw the protoype, and even more so when I had the final product in my hands. I don’t mind painted-on details and the re-use of parts in order to crank out (read more...)
I know the fellas at Mattel have to cut some corners to offer as many characters as they can, and I applaud them for that. I suppose cutting Vigilante’s arsenal of six-guns in half was a result of that. Unfortunately, it seems no one told the Mattel folks what a (read more...)
Veronica Vreeland
So as anyone might guess, “Harley’s Holiday” is one of my favorite episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. Since I made a Harley on skates, I had to make Veronica to go with her. It just makes sense. (And after working on these prints, they were both on my mind.) (read more...)
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam is part of the Freedom Fighters, the Golden Age team I submitted as an entry to CustomCon 14. This interpretation of the team is based on Carlo Barberi’s and Larry Stucker’s art from the comic Justice League Unlimited #17. Sam uses the Mattel Joker body as a base, (read more...)
Tim Drake
Tim is another of those dull secret identity customs I never planned on making. However, I was excited by the prospect of Wayne Manor Alfred and Babs, so Tim and Bruce sort of hitched along for the ride. As with all versions of this recipe, I had to work hard (read more...)