Captain Boomerang
Mattel recently gave us a legitimate Captain Boomerang figure, and for that, I applaud them. However, Mattel chose to outfit Boomer in his Silver Age duds, which appeared in a Justice League episode for all of 5 seconds (and that was a “commercial”). Why they didn’t opt for the outfit (read more...)
Calendar Girl’s Henchmen
All Gotham villains need Henchmen. Calendar Girl is no exception. After seeing recent versions of Calendar Girl and her crew by Crushinaguy and Kyoishere, I was inspired to create my own team. I wanted these fellas to be big enough to fit in among their TNBA Hasbro brethren, so I (read more...)
Calendar Girl
I made a Calendar Girl several years ago that is now a complete embarrassment. After seeing recent versions by Crushinaguy and Kyoishere, I was inspired to create an improved version. My interpretation is made from the standard Mattel female body. The head is a casting of an animated Witchblade. Her (read more...)
Bud and Lou
Last year I worked up a Krypto figure after seeing Quartermain’s version. We chose different bases for Krypto, but seeing what Quartermain did planted the seed in my mind for making Bud and Lou. I’d been trying to crack the recipe for Bud and Lou for years. No pre-made hyena (read more...)
Oh, Hasbro, why do you tease us so? The Hasbro Blight is a pretty nifty toy, but has nothing to do with Blight. Burger King’s may be small, but at least he’s wearing clothes. Regardless, I felt the need to have a decent Blight on my shelf, given that he (read more...)
Black Mercy
I have to give kudos to Mattel. At least the have the chutzpah to release a figure with an accurate accessory as a way of selling the same character again. Much better than wacky rainbow-colored variants. And I understand the need to keep costs down, thus the accessories are usually (read more...)
Bane (TNBA)
The historical timeline of customizing is parallel to the growth of the internet. Many years ago, as customizers were setting up their first galleries and websites, I produced my first version of Bane. Looking at the custom now, it’s pretty rough. I like to think I’ve improved since then. But (read more...)
Aresia was made as part of Scott Rogers’ Hawkgirl Challenge in CustomCon 14. Multiple participants submitted figures made from Hawkgirl bases, showing what a wonderfully versatile base Hawkgirl is. Aresia uses Hawkgirl’s body and limbs, with the gauntlets, arm band, shin guards, belt and halter top lines sculpted from Magic (read more...)
Amanda Waller
Glassman is one of my favorite JLU customizers. He honed his craft on Star Wars customs, then added to JLU to his mighty repertoire. He’s a heck of a talent, and a gentlemen to boot! On occasion, he makes casts of his original sculpts and makes a limited amount available (read more...)
Zatanna Zatara (JLU)
Once again, I must praise Mattel for offering a wide variety of characters, even if they have to cut corners to do it. I know the designers are doing their best to appease the fans and keep their jobs at the same time. That being said, I still feel the (read more...)