Joker (Arkham Inmate)
Posted on July 4, 2013


One of the driving reasons behind the Arkham Asylum project was the excuse to make some of Batman’s rogues gallery in prison attire. (Like I really needed an excuse.) Joker had to be included in this roster, of course. There was no getting around it.

I checked all of the inmate appearances in TNBA, and found the inmate uniforms would change from episode to episode, and sometimes scene to scene. In “Mad Love,” Joker’s uniform is sometimes short sleeved, sometimes not. It might have a collar. He might be wearing gloves. Or some other combination. I settled for what I liked best.

I used the most recent Mattel head sculpt, as it is an excellent representation of the latest look. The body is a standard Mattel suited body. I cut the arms off at the sleeves and replaced them with “skinny” Mattel arms. Magic Sculpt makes up the shirt.

Created November 2010


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