Clayface (TNBA)
For those of us who make animated-style custom figures, Clayface is far and away one of the toughest to pull off. For one thing, there isn’t much in the way of base figures to work from, and starting from scratch is daunting at best. Furthermore, his design is relatively streamlined (read more...)
Clayface (Bat-Escape)
I’d always wanted to make a Clayface that was in some way changing shape. I toyed with this idea for years. Then I saw Charlie Jackam’s great Transforming Clayface. It looked great, and proved the idea could work. One of my favorite images comes from the episode “Mudslide,” where Batman (read more...)
“This Little Piggy” is one of my favorite JLU episodes. It was only a matter of time before I made a Circe figure. Besides, Wonder Woman needed more of her own villains on the shelf. Circe’s body base is Mattel’s generic female figure. The dress is shaped from Magic Sculpt, (read more...)
Circe (Lounge Singer)
After I’d made Circe in her standard outfit, it was only a matter of time before I made Circe in her lounge singer dress. The whole idea of a an ancient immortal Grecian enchantress singing “Lulu’s Back in Town” cracks me up. Once again I started with Mattel’s generic female (read more...)
Cheetah is one of the many female villains I’ve wanted to make for some time now. I’m happy to have had the time to tackle this project now. Most of Cheetah’s recipe is that of the amazing Mike Danza, followed closely by my pal Tyke. As with both Mike and (read more...)
Catwoman (TNBA)
The new school females have always been some of my favorite designs. I’ve made customs of almost all the gals over the years, but I keep going back in an effort to improve upon them. Now that Mattel has made Hawkgirl available (the best female base yet), I’ll be remaking (read more...)
Catwoman (BTAS)
Ah, Selena Kyle. Like all the other animated gals, I’ll keep making her until I get her right. In this case, I used the Hasbro-TRU Ivy as a base. I Dremeled away the details and created the belt with vinyl and a leather puncher. The head is cast from a (read more...)
Captain Boomerang
Mattel recently gave us a legitimate Captain Boomerang figure, and for that, I applaud them. However, Mattel chose to outfit Boomer in his Silver Age duds, which appeared in a Justice League episode for all of 5 seconds (and that was a “commercial”). Why they didn’t opt for the outfit (read more...)
Calendar Girl’s Henchmen
All Gotham villains need Henchmen. Calendar Girl is no exception. After seeing recent versions of Calendar Girl and her crew by Crushinaguy and Kyoishere, I was inspired to create my own team. I wanted these fellas to be big enough to fit in among their TNBA Hasbro brethren, so I (read more...)
Calendar Girl
I made a Calendar Girl several years ago that is now a complete embarrassment. After seeing recent versions by Crushinaguy and Kyoishere, I was inspired to create an improved version. My interpretation is made from the standard Mattel female body. The head is a casting of an animated Witchblade. Her (read more...)