Mad Hatter
Posted on July 4, 2013


As I close in on finishing out the New School ranks, I’m getting down to some of the more difficult characters. These last few are tough as they usually require more original sculpts, and can’t make use of as many pre-made parts. Mad Hatter is a perfect example.

My version is very much inspired by Yer Pal Boneyard’s excellent custom. Like his, mine is mostly an original sculpt, though I used different materials. The main body “tube” is shaped out of wood, specifically a hunk of plain 1″x yellow pine. The shoulder portion of his coat and the upper portion of his tie are made from Kneadatite. The tie strings are cut vinyl.

His arms started as stryrene rods. Kneadatite was sculpted over the rod to flesh out the arm. The cuff is vinyl, and the hands came from a Hasbro Supergirl. The arms where then shaped using trial and error to fit onto the jacket.

The legs used a similar method: Kneadatite surrounded a styrene rod. The feet are from a Hasbro Gordon, shaped with Kneadatite to blend into the rod.

Hatter’s head is in fact the Hasbro Old School Hatter head. I reshaped the brow and made bigger ears with Kneadatite, while I attempted to lessen the magnitude of the teeth and nose with the dremel. The collar is cut vinyl.

The only downside is his complete lack of articulation. But I’m very pleased with how he looks. I’ve wanted this one for a long time, and the wait was worth it.

Created Spring 2003

2014 Update: I recently prepared a packaged version of the Mad Hatter. New photos below!



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