Bruce Wayne (TNBA)
Bruce is the common recipe of the Hasbro new school Bruce Wayne head on a Hasbro new school Two-Face body. I used Kneadatite to even out the neckline, and smoothed the roughness of Two-Face’s left hand. Frankly, I usually find secret identity customs rather dull. This isn’t an exception. But (read more...)
Bruce Wayne (BTAS)
Bruce here was the first Bat-custom I ever made. Well, not this version, but repainting an old school Two-Face and slapping on a Bruce Wayne head. Back then, that was good enough. Not anymore. I took that old custom and put it under the Dremel, removing the coat and creating (read more...)
Blue Beetle
Sadly, Blue Beetle will never appear on Justice League Unlimited, or appear as a figure in the current line by Mattel due to rights issues. He can, however, appear in the JLU comic book. Go figure. Since that became public knowledge, a lot of excellent Blue Beetle customs have popped (read more...)
Black Condor
Black Condor is part of the Freedom Fighters, the Golden Age team I submitted as an entry to CustomCon 14. This interpretation of the team is based on Carlo Barberi’s and Larry Stucker’s art from the comic Justice League Unlimited #17. BC’s base body is Orion. The main portion of (read more...)
Black Canary
I am so very pleased that Mattel has seen fit to release a Black Canary figure. This is something we would have never seen under Hasbro’s rule. So first off, thank you Mattel. Thank you for making the fans happy. That being said, there is room for improvement. Poor Dinah’s (read more...)
Batwoman is one of those projects I’d been meaning to get to for a long time, but other things always took priority. After seeing Tyke’s Batwoman show up as his icon time and again, I finally took action. The body is a Mattel Hawkgirl. The lower arms were swapped with (read more...)
Batman (Holiday Knights)
This pair of figures had been on my to-do list for a long time. “Holiday Knights” was the first New School style episode to air back in 1997, and it made a big impression on me. This short but poignant scene was not something usually witnessed in a 22 minute (read more...)
Batman (Gas Mask)
Once again, Hasbro shoots and misses, but gets points for trying. I remember at some Toyfair or convention a few months ago, some Hasbro rep, when asked if we would be deluged again with wacky variants, went on record as saying that Batman fans had much to look forward to (read more...)
Batman (Flashback)
If you haven’t seen the “true” version of Batboy: Return of the Joker, you don’t know what your missing. God is in the details my friends, and Warner Bros. attempted to kill God by removing these great details. Some of those details include the whooping Bats takes at the hands (read more...)
Batman (Evolution)
Obviously, this is slalom racer Bats, or whatever he’s called this month, having been released half a dozen times now. It occurred to me while looking at him that, if painted properly, he’d make a neat transitional costume between the TNBA Bats and Batman Beyond. The idea was that Bats (read more...)