Posted on July 4, 2013

phantasm-01This particular custom was really a “side” project, meaning it was made while other figures sat curing or drying. It was really more of an after thought. I never liked Hasbro’s attempt at the character, but I never liked the character enough to actually do anything about it. However, one day as I was preparing a Mattel Two-Face for another project, I was struck by how similar his sculpt was to the the model sheet of Phantasm. And thus a side project was born.

I added some mass to Two-Face’s sides, creating a straighter profile. His head was chopped off to make room for the Hasbro Phantasm mask. The shoulders of the mask piece had to be cut off and re-built, as Two-Face’s shoulders were wider.

In a perfect world, I’d have rebuilt Phantasm’s scythe, but I went the lazy route (side project!) and used Hasbro’s. It’s not that bad, really. Some epoxy was used for the boot and glove cuffs and the sculpt was ready for paint. The cape was cut from some color-matched cloth and hot glued to the underside of the mask.

Created Winter 2007


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