Harleen Quinzel (Holiday Knights)
Posted on July 2, 2013


“Holiday Knights” was the first TNBA episode to air, and it remains one of my favorites these many years later. The opening scene between Harley and Ivy captures their relationship perfectly, with some beautiful animation. How could I not want to represent that in plastic?

“Casual” Harley started as a Mattel Hawkgirl, with newly sculpted clothes using Magic Sculpt. The head is a cast of the the Harley head I created for Arkham Inmate Harley.

I’ve officially made a custom of a character in her underwear now. Does that make me like the creepy sellers on eBay?

Created June 2011


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  • Mister Switcher says:

    I’m dont know why But I Can clearly see this being used as a base for the New 52/Rebirth/Suicide Squad Harley

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