Harleen Quinzel (Arkham Inmate)
Posted on July 2, 2013


One of the driving reasons behind the Arkham Asylum project was the excuse to make some of Batman’s rogues gallery in prison attire. (Like I really needed an excuse.)

At the top of that list was Harley/Harleen. I’d made an unmasked Harley years ago, but the less said about that the better. I really wanted something more accurate this time.

I checked all of the inmate appearances in TNBA, and found the inmate uniforms would change from episode to episode, and sometimes scene to scene. Harley and Ivy’s appearances were fairly consistent in “Joker’s Millions,” but the uniforms were an odd turquoise. I wanted them to match Joker and the other inmates, so I opted for a more subtle grey. (And yes, the ladies probably shouldn’t be wearing heels in prison. That’s just me being lazy and using existing Mattel parts.)

Harley’s head was modified from the ever-loving Jack-in-the-Box Supergirl head, and the pigtails sculpted. I asked the talented Spymagician if he’d create some castings for me, and he has graciously offered to do the same for anyone who contacts him.

Created November 2010


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