Harleen Quinzel (Doctor)
Posted on July 2, 2013

harleen-quinzel-doctor-01Ah, Doctor Harleen. Thank the gods for Harley variations. Customizing would be so much more bland without them.

This latest Harley features our favorite nutcake as she appeared in “Mad Love,” before she became a card carrying whacko. The body is the TRU Lois. I removed the pleated skirt and added a mini-skirt of Kneadatite. The legs are Lois, placed closer together. The coat buttons were sanded off, and the shirt collar and tie are cut from vinyl.

The head was a bit more challenging. It’s the Jack in the Back Batgirl head. To date, this is the best Timm-designed female head I’ve seen in this scale. I removed the hair and Bat-ears, and then filled in the mask etching with Kneadatite. I know some folks who use this technique all the time with great success. I aspire to that. I feel it worked very well here, but boy howdy, was it a chore. The hair and ears are Kneadatite.

Unfortunately, the mask was not my biggest foe on this project. I had to conquer those glasses. I thought cut vinyl would be best. But how to get those perfect circles? Solution: Leather puncher. Many, many moons ago, I had used leather punchers in prop making, and I remembered they always cut perfect little circles. So I found a new set with multiple heads of different sizes. Thus, I punched the circles from vinyl. (Inanimate Objects is not responsible for injuries sustained during the use of hammers.) Lucky for me, Harleen’s design doesn’t have arms on her glasses. They appear to rest solely on her nose. One less hurdle to worry about. I used a permanent marker to blacken the edge of the circles, then superglued them to her face. (Don’t do this to yourself, kids!)

Superglue appears to un-permanent permanent marker. Black crud ran all over her face. An hour later, after fixing her face, I glued on clean circles. I used a brush to paint the edges. Maddening, to say the least, but it worked.

Dr. Harleen works for me, and I attribute that success to the Jack in the Box head. I look forward to using it in future projects.

Created Spring 2002


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