Remember the Amalgam Universe? It’s probably best forgotten. For those of you too young to remember, DC and Marvel mashed up their universes for one month back in the mid-90s. Characters from both sides where blended together to create new versions. While the whole thing was little more than a (read more...)
Robin (BTAS)
As much as I love the DC Collectibles line of animated figures, they have made some fundamental flaws. One of the more obvious is Robin’s height. Yes, Robin should not match Batman in terms of height and muscle, but this version of Robin is not a ten-year-old child. He’s at (read more...)
Poison Ivy (TNBA)
Like most of the ladies released in this line so far, Ivy needed a little attention paid to her face. I boosted her eyes, and gave her a hint of a smile. She may be grumpy, but she can still be charming. (Inspired by the work of TR Creations.) Created (read more...)
Penguin (BTAS)
This one puzzles me. Hasbro solved the mystery of how to make Penguin’s monocle back in 1992. Yet DC Collectibles ignored that lesson and gave Mr. Cobblepot a completely inaccurate transparent lens. Even more puzzling is the fact that DC’s solution had to have raised production costs, as it was (read more...)
Joker (BTAS)
TR Creations did some amazing work on Joker, going so far to re-sculpt portions of Joker’s face. I, however, am much lazier. I simply used paint to reshape the eyes, and give him the eyeliner he deserves. Created May 2016 (read more...)
Harley Quinn (BTAS)
Harley just needed some work around her eyes. Mainly, her eyelids needed to be painted the proper white. I also enhanced the her eyeballs, too. (Inspired by the work of TR Creations.) Created May 2016 (read more...)
Catwoman (BTAS)
Another misstep by the manufacturer in the eye department. Out of the package, poor Catwoman looked soulless and dead. A little makeup paint fixed that. Also added the missing black to the ears. (Inspired by the work of TR Creations.) Created May 2016 (read more...)
Batgirl (TNBA)
Batgirl’s face needed some help. DC Collectibles made some off choices regarding her mask. I simply exposed her face underneath, according to the model sheet and her every screen appearance. The small things make big differences, sometimes. I also painted the grapnel gun in her hand. (Inspired by the work (read more...)