Robin (BTAS)
Posted on June 12, 2016

Robin-01As much as I love the DC Collectibles line of animated figures, they have made some fundamental flaws. One of the more obvious is Robin’s height. Yes, Robin should not match Batman in terms of height and muscle, but this version of Robin is not a ten-year-old child. He’s at least 18, a grown young man in college. Apparently, DC and I have a difference of opinion regarding this topic, based on the short height they applied to Robin.

There’s no way to completely fix that problem without altering the proportions of all the parts, meaning it would have to be re-sculpted from scratch. But I tried anyway. I sliced the legs at mid-thigh, and gave him just a smidge of extra height using Magic Sculpt. I couldn’t add too much without throwing off all the proportions. I then added some bulk to the upper legs, as Robin was far too scrawny. I also added a little bulk to the short sleeves.

Hardly a perfect solution, but it helps. (Inspired by the work of TR Creations.)

Created May 2016


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