Harley Quinn (Gods and Monsters)
Posted on May 6, 2017

Given the card-carrying Harley fan that I am, I seem to be required by law to craft as many Harleys as possible. Even the weird ones. And this is a weird one. I don’t know if Bruce Timm designed this version for “Gods and Monsters” as commentary on the status of Harley in the world or not. Probably not. But this design seems to embody many of the complaints fans have about the character in recent years. Honestly, if BT hadn’t been the one behind the design, I’d have ignored it. I guess I’m a bigger fan of BT than Harley. (Whoa!)

The other driving impetus behind this custom was the “Fake Harley” head included with the DC Collectibles 6″ TNBA Harley figure. Her wide eyes were perfect for this version. How could I ignore an invitation like that?

I dremeled away TNBA Harley’s collar, and cut off the feet and the head tassels. New feet came from the old Hasbro 5″ Supergirl, with additional sculpting added. The bustier was sculpted from Magic Sculpt, while the hair was sculpted from Magic Sculpt and Super Sculpey.

I had every intention of sculpting the details of the leggings and the garter, but the mechanics of the articulation prevented that. One move of her leg and the sculpt would have been destroyed. So I settled for paint.

She may be weird, but I like her. Besides, my other “G&M” figures needed a bad guy to fight.

Created March 2017



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