Batmobile (Beware the Batman)
It’s time for another edition of “3D-Printed Batmobiles!” This time it’s from “Beware the Batman,” a criminally underrated show Cartoon Network sought to sabotage when it aired. Once again my thanks go to digitallyforgeddesigns, who digitally sculpted this beast. Without his obvious affection for Batmobiles, none of these projects could (read more...)
Francine Langstrom (BTAS Bat Monster)
“Lady Man-Bat” is one of those customs figures that almost every BTAS customizer makes eventually. It’s not too difficult to get right, and it’s a legitimate variation on the design. Clearly Mrs. Langstrom was built on a regular DC Direct BTAS Man-Bat figure. The only physical addition is the torn (read more...)
Harvey Dent (BTAS)
Another custom that is entirely the fault of Zelu1984. If he had not digitally sculpted this amazing Harvey Dent head, I probably wouldn’t have made this. But he did, and I did, and now here we are. Thank you, sir! Like so many Harvey Dent customs before him, this one (read more...)
“Batman: The Adventures Continue” was announced with much fanfare. Suddenly, the previously solicited figures of characters that never appeared in the show made sense. Sadly, despite the impressive creative team, the comic book did not live up to expectations. I should probably stop talking about it now. When DC Direct (read more...)
Batman (McFarlane TNBA)
When Mattel lost the DC license to Todd McFarlane, I was very excited. Todd had demonstrated that he had moved beyond his weird pseudo-statue phase with his Fortnite figures. I have no interest in the game, but the figures were some great toys. And generally speaking, I have really enjoyed (read more...)
Kitsune Nozawa
I have said it before many times: Batgirl Adventures is one my favorite comic books. As the book’s Big Bad, I have made Kitsune in the “old” scale. It was inevitable that I would make her in the 6″ scale, too. JL Hawkgirl serves as the base. I “broke” the (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Holiday)
I think this is the third time I’ve made a Holiday Harley based on the “Batgirl Adventures” comic book. I love that book, and I keep deriving inspiration from it, even if that means making the same thing over again in different scales. This 6″ version combines parts from TNBA (read more...)
Jingle Belle
We all know Paul Dini is one of Harley Quinn’s creative parents. (The other being Bruce Timm, of course.) But Mr. Dini has created a whole universe of characters, Batman related and otherwise. His creator-owned Jingle Belle is a delight, harkening back to classic Christmas TV specials, and adding more (read more...)
Condiment King
I have been meaning to make a Condiment King for decades. DECADES. Let that sink in. Obviously in the past it would have been in the old scale, and now it’s the 6″ scale. Ironically, the recipe would be almost the exact same in both scales. Old CK is built (read more...)
Jay, Raven, and Lark are Penguin’s henchgals. They act as muscle and wait staff. I wonder if they have a 401K plan? Each of these gals share the same base of a Justice League Hawkgirl. The wings were removed (and the holes filled). The legs come from Zatanna. The cuffs (read more...)