Batman (McFarlane TNBA)
Posted on February 16, 2021

When Mattel lost the DC license to Todd McFarlane, I was very excited. Todd had demonstrated that he had moved beyond his weird pseudo-statue phase with his Fortnite figures. I have no interest in the game, but the figures were some great toys. And generally speaking, I have really enjoyed Todd’s DC stuff so far! I’ve bought characters I would not have bought under Mattel or DC Direct, just because the figures are so well designed. When I heard Todd would make animated Timmverse designs, in my preferred 7″ scale, I was really excited! And then I saw the end result.

What happened? Bats, Supes, Green Lantern, Harley…. None of them were on model. All had distorted proportions and oddly shaped bodies. I was very disappointed. As far as I can figure, Todd wanted DC figures to match the style of his old “animated” Spawn line from several years ago, and simply used the Timmverse as an excuse to get there.

Some people postulated that the BTAS batman figure produced was really the TNBA design in BTAS colors. Those people are wrong. The overall sculpt is wrong for both designs, but I will admit the final shape is closer to TNBA, but still not accurate to TNBA. To that end, I wanted to go the extra mile and find out.

Most of the work was on the torso. I dremeled down the BTAS logo, and covered it over with epoxy, blending into the chest. I then cut the TNBA Bat logo from vinyl, and glued it in place. The rest is grey and black paint. (And muted brown for the belt.)

Still not at all screen accurate, but somehow easier on the eyes.

Created Summer 2020






  • Denzel Payot says:

    Omg, this looks amazing!!! Were you able to take photos/video of your progress? I much prefer the design of this figure, hopefully I’ll be successful replicating it. Thank youuu 🙂

    • This was fairly simple, and came together quickly, so a WIP photo didn’t happen. But it’s not too hard to sort out. I’m sure yours will look great!

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