Poison Ivy (TNBA)
Posted on June 12, 2016

Poison-Ivy-02Like most of the ladies released in this line so far, Ivy needed a little attention paid to her face. I boosted her eyes, and gave her a hint of a smile. She may be grumpy, but she can still be charming. (Inspired by the work of TR Creations.)

Created May 2016



  • Hi Cason
    Remember me I had stopped collecting the Animated But the new Six inch figures are awesome I prefer the old style Ivy to the new one as I do in most cases . Youre Ivy wel you took away the coldharted deadly poisenes femme fatale . and you changed her in a charming nice woman so now you I got to have two of them Cause I`m so into the new six inch figures I`m hooked again lol youre customs I can`t expres enough how much I like them Thanks for all the plessuare you bring to my eyes !

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