Batman Unmasked (BTAS)
Posted on July 23, 2016


Glassman once again worked his magical alchemy to enlarge a Hasbro BTAS Bruce Wayne head, for use with the recent line by DC Collectibles. The man can work miracles!

Of course, the Casimir Curse came into play. Less than 48 hours after I finished this piece, DC Collectibles announced their own version of unmasked Bats. You are all welcome!

Created July 2016



  • jordan kronemer says:

    the casmir curse strikes again!!!

  • I so love the old style bat compaired to the new batman animated series . I just bought the batman emotion pack It seems they realy want us to be happy what we now need is a summer gleason and the bat family in day suits , I also bought the batmobile verry nice but stil lacking 5 cm an inch ore two and the batwing the wings are way to short just like in the big 90 hasbro the new piggy banks look great do as wel as the pvc statue`s love the Canary one ! the custom head looks great just like in the first adventures !

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