Christopher Lloyd
I like to think that if the Muppet Show had carried on for just another year or two, Christopher Lloyd would have been a natural fit for a guest star. (Based on Taxi alone, well before Back to the Future.) This custom figure is the result of that thought. I (read more...)
Christopher Reeve
The Christopher Reeve episode of the Muppet Show is pure delight. He is clearly having tremendous fun with all the fur and feathers. When I stumbled across a free 3D print file of Christopher Reeve’s head, I knew I had to take action. (Note the head was of Christopher, not (read more...)
Mark Hamill
Most folks know I love the Muppets and Star Wars. Both are in my DNA as much as the Bat. When Hasbro started the Star Wars Black Series, I wisely opted to not fall down that slippery path out of financial concerns. I did, however, allow myself to buy Luke, (read more...)
Lara & Michael
I knew when Michael tasked me with making wedding figures, I’d be facing a challenge. No way would the unique style of this couple allow for a boring wedding color scheme! And I was right. Michael was the easier of the two. I used a Mattel Two-Face as a base (read more...)
The Gamer
It was only a matter of time before the Son of Casimir asked for his own custom figure. Ask and ye shall receive! I used a Ben 10 as the base, the usual starting point for kids at this scale and style. It’s mostly just paint with some Minecraft details (read more...)
Officer Pratt
I don’t take commissions often, but for special people I will make exceptions. My pal Barbara asked me to make a special Christmas present for her significant other, Officer Mike Pratt. Working in secret for almost a year, we did just that. It was fun to work on a genuine (read more...)
Sometimes, you really have to go out of your way to impress a girl. Here at Inanimate Objects, that can be a long way out there, but it’s usually worth the effort. What you see here is another “real person” custom, this time of a professional musician in her concert (read more...)
Tonia & Cason
Boy meets girl. Boy makes custom figure of girl. Next thing boy knows, he’s getting married and making more custom figures of girl. The amazing finally happened. Cason and Tonia got hitched. To commemorate this astounding event, I knew no one but myself could make the figures for the cake. (read more...)
Richard & Chris
I was honored to be asked to create the cake topper figures of my friends Richard and Chris for their wedding last September. It was a delightful service on a gorgeous day at Fair Park in Dallas. One of the most pleasant weddings I’ve attended. Both figures are based on (read more...)
Richard (Zeus Comics)
Anyone who collects comics or toys in the Dallas area knows about Zeus Comics and Toys. I’ve been to comic shops around the globe, and Zeus is unlike any other. It’s clean, well lit, and generally has an upscale feel to it lacking in most other shops. Most importantly, the (read more...)