Mark Hamill
Posted on August 17, 2021

Most folks know I love the Muppets and Star Wars. Both are in my DNA as much as the Bat. When Hasbro started the Star Wars Black Series, I wisely opted to not fall down that slippery path out of financial concerns. I did, however, allow myself to buy Luke, Artroo, Threepio, and Chewie so that I could place them on my Palisade’s Muppets shelf and commemorate Mark Hamill’s appearance on “the Muppet Show.” What I did not possess, and have been planning ever since, was a “Cousin Mark” to complete the set. (Watch Mr. Hamill’s appearance on the Muppet Show and you’ll understand.)

One of the reasons it took so long to complete Mr. Hamill’s custom figure was because I wanted his scale to match the Bespin Luke figure I already had. And Luke is short. Every suited figure I tried over the years was too tall! I finally broke down and just cobbled the thing together from leftover parts, which is why the end result is admittedly a bit rough.

The legs and torso are an old Spider-Man movie Norman Osborne. The arms are a Marvel Legends Gwen Stacey. The hands are from fodder, so I couldn’t tell you where they started. The head is a casting I bought from the Casting Cave years ago, knowing I would use it someday for this project. I think it’s a casting of a Japanese Luke figure. The jacket and tie are sculpted. Clearly, not my best work, but after so many years I wanted him done!

Still, glad I had someone ready to help inaugurate my Muppet Theatre playset!

Created May 2021



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