Bruce Wayne (Snyderverse)
I recently asked eBay seller one12club if he could print some of the 1/12th heads he was offering as 1/10, and he agreed. I ordered a whole mess of noggins, and Ben Affleck is the first one to get used. Bruce Wayne in the Snyderverse is fond of three-piece suits. (read more...)
Alexsandr Kallus
Star Wars Rebels does not get enough credit. Sure, it started a little shaky, but it was the first Disney-led Star Wars vehicle out of the gate. By the end, it cemented itself as one of the best and most important chapters of Star Wars. Just fantastic storytelling and characters (read more...)
Lucius Fox
Mattel’s recent John Raymond “Ray” Arnold figure from the Jurassic Park Amber Collection looks less like a 1993 Sam Jackson and more like a generic dude, which works well in this case. To my knowledge there’s never been a Lucius Fox figure made, in any scale. Not even as Morgan (read more...)
Marty McFly (1885)
I waited over 30 years for Back to the Future figures. The wait was (almost) worth it, what with NECA nailing it almost every time. I’m sure NECA will eventually give us some Part 3 costumes. In fact, if the Casimir Curse holds, my making this almost guarantees it. You’re (read more...)
Speeder Bike (Mandalorian)
This speeder bike, as seen in two episodes of the Mandalorian, was one of my first forays into 3D printing. I had access to a filament printer for awhile, and chose this as a reasonable learning project. I consider it a partial success. In-hand, it’s rough. I clearly have a (read more...)
Wonder Woman (Wingless Armor)
Wonder Woman 1984… did not deliver as promised. Still, despite some highly questionable choices in the script, it featured some lovely visuals, not the least of which was Diana in her Kingdom Come armor! As is so often the case, she wore the wings and helmet for only a fraction (read more...)
Site Update: June 22, 2021 Bombshells Class of 2021
Time for a new batch of Bombshells! This time, half of them are men. Baby Doll Batwoman (Away Uniform) Captain Marvel The Gray Ghost The Joker (Sailor) Killer Croc Maxima Phantasm Superman Vigilante And, as usual, the photo archive has been updated. Enjoy! Casimir June 2021 (read more...)
Gray Ghost (Bombshell)
One of the many things I admire about the DC Bombshells series is that the creators, artists, and editors resisted the urge to simply gender-swap the characters. The ladies of the DC Universe got the chance to shine, without merely being converted versions of the male characters. In my expansions (read more...)
Baby Doll (Bombshell)
Right about now, you might be thinking ‘What the hell, Casimir? Baby Doll as a Bombshell? That is not okay. You should seek counseling.” I get that. I really do. But hear me out. It’s not what you think. While I was pondering my “comic book style” Baby Doll, I (read more...)
Maxima (Bombshell)
The inspiration for a custom can come from various places. Usually it’s “I want this character on my shelf.” Sometimes it’s a case of “let’s see what can be made from this.” And that’s where Maxima started. McFarlane’s DC Multiverse line has re-written the rules for DC figures. The line (read more...)