Batgirl (1966)
Posted on March 4, 2024

Mcfarlane’s Batman 1966 line is….. okay. I will never understand why he changed the scale and the articulation. It wouldn’t take much to much to make these figures really shine.

Case in point: Batgirl. Sad enough the estate of Yvonne Craig denied the likeness rights, so Todd had to settle for the “comic book” look. That’s fine. (It’s not like Todd was exactly nailing the likeness to begin with.) So comic Batgirl needed a little pizazz. I started by swapping with a more accurate and wired cape. I bought this direct from the maker on Facebook, but I’ve long since forgotten who that was. I’m sorry! If that was you, please remind me and I will correct this post. I should also mention the head is fairly difficult to remove, so be prepared to apply heat and bruise your thumbs.

But the cape wasn’t enough. She needed to sparkle! So I bought some extra-fine purple glitter. Using an old brush, I painted on Elmer’s glue over the appropriate parts of the costume, a section at a time. Then I sprinkled copious amounts of glitter. Naturally, the glitter went everywhere, despite my efforts to contain it. Once the glue dried, the glitter held in place.  But don’t handle her too much or it will easily rub off.

Created June 2023


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