Robin (Classic)
As soon as McFarlane’s Dark Knight Returns Carrie Kelly Robin started to hit store shelves, every customizer worth his/her salt started to convert Carrie into a young Dick Grayson Robin. Most people performed a basic head swap and called it a day. I wanted to take things a bit farther. (read more...)
Long-time readers will remember the “Casimir Curse,” in which I build a custom figure, to be shortly followed by an official announcement of said character being sold at retail. (To be fair, that was to everyone’s benefit.) That hasn’t happened for a long time. Until Talon. A few weeks after (read more...)
Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker)
Outside of some animated-style figures, a proper Ventriloquist figure has yet to be made by any company. (C’mon Todd, this is your chance to step up.) I’ve always wanted a basic, comic-style Arnold Wesker and Scarface on my shelf. I started this project, and it sort of fell between the (read more...)
Christopher Lloyd
I like to think that if the Muppet Show had carried on for just another year or two, Christopher Lloyd would have been a natural fit for a guest star. (Based on Taxi alone, well before Back to the Future.) This custom figure is the result of that thought. I (read more...)
Christopher Reeve
The Christopher Reeve episode of the Muppet Show is pure delight. He is clearly having tremendous fun with all the fur and feathers. When I stumbled across a free 3D print file of Christopher Reeve’s head, I knew I had to take action. (Note the head was of Christopher, not (read more...)
Francine Langstrom (BTAS Bat Monster)
“Lady Man-Bat” is one of those customs figures that almost every BTAS customizer makes eventually. It’s not too difficult to get right, and it’s a legitimate variation on the design. Clearly Mrs. Langstrom was built on a regular DC Direct BTAS Man-Bat figure. The only physical addition is the torn (read more...)
Harvey Dent (BTAS)
Another custom that is entirely the fault of Zelu1984. If he had not digitally sculpted this amazing Harvey Dent head, I probably wouldn’t have made this. But he did, and I did, and now here we are. Thank you, sir! Like so many Harvey Dent customs before him, this one (read more...)
Photo Archive-DC Live Action
DC (Live Action) (read more...)
Site Update: July 25, The Return of Hollywood Objects
The custom figure train of 2022 keeps chugging along. This time it’s all about live-action characters. Alfred Pennyworth (2005) Alfred Pennyworth (2021) Aquaman (2018) Batman (2022) Bruce Wayne (2012) Bruce Wayne (2022) Catwoman (2022) Clark Kent (1978) Edward Nygma (1995) Harvey Dent (2008) James Gordon (2005) James Gordon (2022) John (read more...)
Alfred Pennyworth (2005)
Finding one of Michael Caine’s Alfred costumes in 1:10 scale is harder than it sounds. I never did find any of his exact suits (much less sweater ensembles). I ultimately settled on this TV Gotham Alfred body from Diamond Select. I don’t think I even repainted anything. It’s not exact, (read more...)