Ra’s al Ghul (Lazarus Pit)
Lazarus Pit Ra’s is part of my “lost wave” of figures. Unlike the others, this piece was fully finished almost two years ago, but I didn’t want to present him without his buddies. Lazarus Pit Ra’s torso is from some Dragonball Z figure. The legs are Mattel new school Batman. (read more...)
Livewire (Powered Up)
Another Stew kit, made with translucent resin. Created February 2013 (read more...)
Penguin’s Henchgirls
Ivy got henchgoons, Joker has his, Freeze got his maidens… Penguin wanted his crew represented. Thus I present Jay, Raven and Lark. These three are a lot of fun together, and really help fill out the new school ranks. The base is a Talia figure, with most of the detailing (read more...)
Yet another obscure villain I can barely name, much less describe his MO. Stew crafted the head, which I then applied to a standard JLU medium male body. The sculpted additions are Magic Sculpt and vinyl. A little paint and clean up and the Legion of Losers Doom is expanded! (read more...)
Kitsune Nozawa
One of my favorite things about the various animated-style comics over the years was when the writers using the comic as a testing ground of sorts for characters. Yeah, there were some real stinkers, but there were some fun characters and situations explored, too. I love seeing light cast on (read more...)
Killer Frost
I hardly know anything about the mainstream comic version of Killer Frost, but I knew I had to have the animated version of her in figure form as soon as I saw her first appearance. She was such a fun design! As seems to be a trend lately, she was (read more...)
Killer Croc (TNBA)
In 2011, we saw several great Harvey Bullock customs pop up. This year, we seem to be blessed with many Killer Crocs being created, and some of them available as castings. What you see here was created by the amazing Dr. Mind at Custom Justice. The good doctor sort of (read more...)
Killer Croc (BTAS)
The Hasbro Killer Croc figure is ridiculous, even by Hasbro standards. Yet I never improved the figure because I remained uninspired. Well, inspiration struck finally when the suggestion was made to remove Croc’s lower jaw and reattach it higher. Such a simple act, but it makes all the difference. Between (read more...)
Before you read this recipe, take a moment and visit Grundy’s gallery. Grundy is an amazing customizer and artist, with some top-shelf sculpting skills. I’ve been following his stuff for some time now, and it’s always inspiring to this mere mortal to see what he’s capable of creating. As you (read more...)
Justice Lords Clones
These barely qualify as customs, but I thought as a group they were worth showing. I enjoyed Mattel’s use of black lines and red dots to create “Luthoriac’s” clones of the Justice Lords, and thought I would employ the same technique to the remaining five characters. Hardly show accurate, but (read more...)