Superboy (McG Style)
Posted on July 5, 2013

superboy-kon-el-mcguinness-01McGuinness-style customs are a lot like animated figures: they tend to easily multiply .I knew I might get sucked in once I made Superlad.

Superboy is part of my effort to finish out the “S” and “B” teams seen in the “Public Enemies” storyline. I really struggled trying to find the right base. I knew the Teen Titans Superboy was very close, but part of me felt like that was cheating. I worked through lots of alternatives, but I always came back to the existing figure. Of course, finding another Teen Titans Superboy is tough, seeing as his after market value has skyrocketed after the character’s demise. So a big thanks to Mike for helping me procure one!

For that McG style head, I cast Captain Marvel’s noggin and gave it a new hair cut and neck. Initially, I removed the arms and swapped them with a McG Superman arms, in an effort to create those bulging McG muscles. The result was laughable, so I quickly switched back.

Essentially, this is nothing more than a head swap. It was just a long, drawn out head swap.

Created Winter 2008

P.S. The skin tones appear much more disparate in the photos than they actually are.


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