Soranik Natu
Posted on July 5, 2013


Not following the various Green Lantern stories as closely as I’d like, I’d never heard of Soranik Natu until fellow CAPE enthusiast Ned contacted me about a potential commission as a birthday gift for his wife Margie. Lucky for Ned I had a brief window in my schedule. It doesn’t hurt that Ned and Margie both build some of the finest costumes I’ve ever seen. Check out Ned’s site. (You really have to see them in person for the full effect, though.)

Given the birthday factor, I had to act fast. That meant using what was already available in my fodder supplies. My solution involved the limbs and pelvis from a DC direct Phantom Lady figure, merged with the torso of a Sydney Savage figure. I added non-heeled feet from some old Jim Lee-based gal. The work-in-progress photo below features a temporary head, later replaced by an Abbey Chase head. After that photo was taken, I decided the abdomen was too long, and thus shortened it.

After the figure was painted and Dullcote applied, I brushed on some glossy sealer over the green portions of the costume. This is not something I normally do, but I felt the shine added a nice layer of depth the the final product, and helped the figure fit in among her DC Direct brethren in the Corps.

Jump to the downloads section to grab Soranik’s Green lantern emblem for your own custom!

Created Fall 2007


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