Site Update: July 23, 2016 The Smallville-Metropolis Express


It’s time again for an update! This is the second one in less than six weeks, which means I’m ahead of my usual quota for the year. Let’s hope I surpass that!

This particular set was a real labor of love. I set out to expand some of the supporting character cast of Superman: the Animated Series. As I had done on a similar and previous venture, I enlisted the talents of Glassman to aid in the creation of some from-scratch heads. Unfortunately, real life kept us both delayed, and the project took longer than either of us anticipated. But the customs are finished now, and they are purty, if I do say so myself. Thanks, Glassman, for participating!

Best of all, many of these are available as full figure kits from Glassman! Visit his site and send him a request. He gets busy, so please be patient, but I’m sure you’ll agree any wait is worth the trouble.

The new customs include:

6” Batman Unmasked (BTAS)

6” Batman Unmasked (TNBA)

6” Bruce Wayne (TNBA)

Mayor Hamilton Hill

Harley Quinn (Fight)

Jonathan Kent

Martha Kent

Kara Kent

Kara Kent (Disguise)

Mercy Graves

Mercy Graves (Fight)



July 2016


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