The talented hlao666 offered this incredible sculpt of an unmasked Merciless. I haven’t read many of the “Metal” books (I tried, I got lost), but I had to have this fantastic old Bruce Wayne on the shelf. The sculpt is simply that good! All I had to do was paint (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Sideshow Style)
Sometimes you start swappin’ heads, and the customs just make themselves. I had used the unmasked Harley head from Mattel’s last Harley figure, and was left with the body. Then I remembered I had the alternate Mezco heads just sitting in a drawer. Why not use them? So I popped (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Unmasked Mezco)
This isn’t much of a custom, per se. It’s just an alternate Mezco head on a DC Direct Essentials Harley body. In fact, this has been on my shelf in this state for over a year already. I didn’t even think of it as a custom. More like “a place (read more...)
This is another “hey, everybody else is doing it” project. It involves merging McFarlane’s “infected” Superman with a regular Supes. The infected body is the superior sculpt compared to the first Superman release. The only question is why hasn’t Todd himself offered us this combination? The body is an infected (read more...)
Gorilla Grodd
C’mon, every else is doing it! Time to repaint Grodd! McFarlane’s Gorilla Grodd sculpt is fantastic! But it loses a lot of punch by being molded in a single color with no paint apps applied. Half of the customizing community saw this as an opportunity to repaint this glorious sculpt. (read more...)
Gorilla Warrior (Red)
Another easy gorilla parts swap! This time it’s a McFarlane Gorilla Grodd head on a NECA King Kong body. I modified the horn on the helmet and painted it metallic red, just to set it apart. A bit of epoxy was required to connect the head at the neck, but (read more...)
Gorilla Warrior (Silver)
What an age we live in! Suddenly, there’s a plethora of gorilla-based action figures available! Time to mix-and-match parts. This one is fairly straight-forward. It’s a McFarlane Gorilla Grodd body with a NECA King Kong head. And repainted armor. One really can’t go wrong! (I did have to build a (read more...)
Bruce Wayne (Snyderverse)
I recently asked eBay seller one12club if he could print some of the 1/12th heads he was offering as 1/10, and he agreed. I ordered a whole mess of noggins, and Ben Affleck is the first one to get used. Bruce Wayne in the Snyderverse is fond of three-piece suits. (read more...)
Alexsandr Kallus
Star Wars Rebels does not get enough credit. Sure, it started a little shaky, but it was the first Disney-led Star Wars vehicle out of the gate. By the end, it cemented itself as one of the best and most important chapters of Star Wars. Just fantastic storytelling and characters (read more...)
Lucius Fox
Mattel’s recent John Raymond “Ray” Arnold figure from the Jurassic Park Amber Collection looks less like a 1993 Sam Jackson and more like a generic dude, which works well in this case. To my knowledge there’s never been a Lucius Fox figure made, in any scale. Not even as Morgan (read more...)