Harleen Quinzel (Skates)
This one started with an amazing Harley head sculpt by hlao666. His work is outstanding! Be sure to check him out. Once I had this amazing piece, I had to decide what to make with it. I’ve already made so many Harleys…. Then by chance I was reminded of the (read more...)
Catwoman (Sideshow Style)
As much as I love BTAS, I’ve never been a huge fan of Catwoman’s grey outfit. I always thought it lacked a certain pizazz and flair. And yet, as time goes on and I see it re-adapted into new stories and media, I find myself enamored of it. I really (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Pouty)
3D-printing is really changing the customizing game. Every day I see talented folks creating new parts and accessories that we could only have dreamt of 20 years ago. I’m slowly making my way into that world myself, but for now, I’m happy to avail myself of some of the new (read more...)
Harley Quinn (As Poison Ivy)
Harley has a tradition of wearing the outfits and costumes of her friends and allies. (And sometimes her enemies.) She’s sort of the Bugs Bunny of Gotham that way. Mattel’s final Poison Ivy figure was…. not as good as I think they intended. As far as I’m concerned, the perfect (read more...)
Baby Doll
As I started to consider a Bombshells version of Baby Doll, I originally envisioned something closer to her animated roots. Given the time period, I very much had a young Shirley Temple in mind. But if you’ve seen my Bombshells Baby Doll, you know that tale became something much different. (read more...)
Black Mask
Sometimes, you gotta pick the low-hanging fruit. McFarlane’s Fortnite Wildcard figure was perfect for a 1/10th-scale Black Mask. All I had to do was provide the head. The obvious go-to head would be a Red Skull. But most of the Red Skull figures are too small for this body. However, (read more...)
The talented hlao666 offered this incredible sculpt of an unmasked Merciless. I haven’t read many of the “Metal” books (I tried, I got lost), but I had to have this fantastic old Bruce Wayne on the shelf. The sculpt is simply that good! All I had to do was paint (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Sideshow Style)
Sometimes you start swappin’ heads, and the customs just make themselves. I had used the unmasked Harley head from Mattel’s last Harley figure, and was left with the body. Then I remembered I had the alternate Mezco heads just sitting in a drawer. Why not use them? So I popped (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Unmasked Mezco)
This isn’t much of a custom, per se. It’s just an alternate Mezco head on a DC Direct Essentials Harley body. In fact, this has been on my shelf in this state for over a year already. I didn’t even think of it as a custom. More like “a place (read more...)
This is another “hey, everybody else is doing it” project. It involves merging McFarlane’s “infected” Superman with a regular Supes. The infected body is the superior sculpt compared to the first Superman release. The only question is why hasn’t Todd himself offered us this combination? The body is an infected (read more...)