Jessica Rabbit (Realistic)
This 3D sculpt was created by Akash Singh via CGTrader. It’s a more “realistic” take on Jessica Rabbit. I printed and painted her. I figured I had the paints mixed and ready from the last three Jessicas I made. Might as well carry on! Created march 2023 (read more...)
Jessica Rabbit (Bombshell)
It was only a matter of time before I found ways to bring Jessica Rabbit to my Bombshells shelf. It was inevitable. This Jessica is a 3D sculpt by the talented E.S Monster. I scaled it down to match my Bombshell figures, and removed the base. The first time around (read more...)
Jessica Rabbit (Bombshell Ranger)
As I was working on my version of the Jessica Rabbit sculpt by E.S Monster, I was struck with a “eureka” moment: I could use the slightly-less toony look to create her Ranger look from “Trail Mix Up,” and the existing Bombshells Wonder Woman would be a terrific base figure! (read more...)
Jessica Rabbit (Tease)
This is a 3D Jessica Rabbit sculpt designed by Torrida Minis. I printed, assembled, and painted it. Torrida does some great work, available via Patreon and CGTrader. Created March 2023. (read more...)
Batman (Classic Repaint)
Another satisfying repaint! This is the Three Jokers Batman repainted. First I painted the trunks black, so they would be on equal footing with the gloves and cape. Then I dry brushed a flat blue on top of the black areas, followed by dry brushed metallic blue. Created May 2022 (read more...)
Batgirl (Classic Repaint)
Sometimes a simple repaint can be oh so satisfying. This is just a simple repaint of the Three Jokers Batgirl. The color scheme is clearly inspired by the 1966 iteration of Batgirl. I dry brushed a flat purple on top of the charcoal areas. I then dry brushed a metallic (read more...)
Catwoman (Concept)
Matt Reeves 2022 The Batman has become a favorite of mine. There’s so much about it I enjoy: the script, the performances, the production design. But there is one thing I really don’t care for, and that’s Catwoman’s costume. It’s just so… boring. I recognize that the film tries to (read more...)
Clark Kent (Comic)
I fully admit to stealing this idea. I saw it quickly in passing, and I wasn’t able to make a note of who I saw make it. I would credit if I could! Most of this is a simple repaint, using the McFarlane Dark Knight Returns Joker as a base. (read more...)
Etrigan (Repaint)
Just a simple repaint. Not even a full one at that. I simply dry brushed some metallic red over the chain mail and the armor details. I also painted the cape and loin cloth. Created May 2022 (read more...)
Lex Luthor (Comic)
Old Lex here is little more than a head swap using the Diamond Select Gotham TV Alfred as a base. (I think I painted the vest. It’s been awhile….) The head came from the old DC Direct Silver Age Lex Luthor figure. I will always prefer the John Byrne/STAS Lex-as-tycoon, (read more...)