Captain Carter
In Marvel’s “What If” animated series, Peggy Carter gets the super soldier serum and becomes the hero known as Captain Carter. It was a great start to a great series! Before the season was finished, Hex3D already had a model for us to print and paint. Thanks, Geoff! The end (read more...)
Captain Carter (Bust)
I printed this Captain Carter bust from a file by Hex3D. His work is excellent and fun, with lots of variety. The body is hollow, the base is solid. I primed her in brown and then drybrushed a bronze finish. My wife is a big Peggy Carter fan, so this (read more...)
Harley Quinn & Bud
This 3D-printed sculpt is clearly an homage to the old Coppertone ads of yore. Sadly, I do not know who originally sculpted it. If you know, please feel free to point me in the right direction, so I can give proper credit. The kit printed in several pieces. Getting everything (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Reclining Statue)
I have been dabbling in the world of 3D printing for a year now. This particular file, available on Thingiverse, was one of the first projects I tried. It was a massive failure. Several times. At the time I was using a filament printer. (And I’ve since learned it was (read more...)
Harley Quinn (3D Print Maquette)
I believe this was digitally sculpted by Sinh Nguyen. He crafts some lovely cartoon character sculpts, ready to print. Printing this on my tiny Mars 2 Pro was a challenge, given her height. It took me a few tries,  but I finally managed it. Created October 2021 (read more...)
Grogu (Elf Eater)
Another fine creation by Hex3d! The man has a LOT of Grogu files! If you’re a Grogu fan, you could do worse. I printed and painted up this guy around Christmastime. Now he’s part of our annual decor. Created November 2021 (read more...)
Grogu (Ornament)
Just one more of Hex3D’s many, many Grogu options. In addition to toys, I also collect ornaments. So this was a natural fit for me. I printed this tiny fella, and now he visits once a year on our tree. Created November 2021 (read more...)
Dipper Pines
Gravity Falls is a big hit in our house. I was pleased to find this Dipper Pines 3D print file on Thingiverse. It was one of the first pieces I printed. Created November 2021 (read more...)
Hollow Knight (I)
Hollow Knight is a big deal in this household. So I had to print this for my son. The 3D file is by Sinh Nguyen. This was one of the first pieces I printed hollow. Well, the head anyway. The first time I printed it, the result was fairly small. (read more...)
Hollow Knight (II)
After printing my first Hollow Knight for my son, I came across this slightly more complex version. I had to try it, too. I do not know the original creator of the 3D file. This is another one of those files that seems to have become detached from its origin, (read more...)