Green Lantern Galius Zed
Galius Zed is one of many amazing Glassman headsculpts I’ve had sitting on my desk for far too long. I’d work on him for awhile, then he’d be put aside while other projects bullied their way ahead. Finally, he’s finished and ready for the shelf! The head/body is Glassman’s fantastic (read more...)
Green Lantern Abin Sur
This is a particularly simple but effective customs. I simply swapped a Mattel SDCC Abin Sur head on to an Arkiss Chummuck body, then painted the legs black. The end result is Abin Sur in his proper STAS uniform. (As Mattel should have made him in the first place.) Created (read more...)
Gorilla City Citizen
The arrival of Mattel’s JLU Gorilla Grodd figure meant many customizers could now achieve their life-long dreams of creating their very own Gorilla City populace. Or at least one citizen, if not the whole city. I knew I’d be making Solovar. I also knew he’d need backup. Like Solovar, the (read more...)
This project barely qualifies as such. I simply added some vinyl strips to create the cuffs of Fire’s gloves. I felt she was worth showing to demonstrate how a simple, tiny detail can make or break a figure. Created Winter 2008 (read more...)
Doll Man
Doll Man is part of the Freedom Fighters, the Golden Age team I submitted as an entry to CustomCon 14. This interpretation of the team is based on Carlo Barberi’s and Larry Stucker’s art from the comic Justice League Unlimited #17. Doll man was more or less a repaint of (read more...)
Dan Turpin
It’s funny. As I work my way through the ranks of the Timm-verse characters, each one getting more challenging, the ones that appear to be simplest are in fact the most difficult! I started Dan in an effort to bolster my Metropolis shelves. I had a good start on the (read more...)
Clark Kent
Many moons ago I created a Clark custom. It was pretty weak, even for the time, and it sat on a dark corner of my shelf ever since. However, as I’ve recently made several citizens of Metropolis, I realized that old Clark would never do when standing next to his (read more...)
Mattel gave us 4 out of 5 members of the Justice Guild. Yeah, that’s just the class act that Mattel is. So, as usual, the customizers have to fill in the gaps. I used what has become the standard recipe for Catman. It’s a BTAS Batman with the glove scallops (read more...)
Captain Atom
Captain Atom was my first use of the fantastic AMAZO/Starman base that Mattel has provided for us. The project is a relatively simple one. For once, there were no sculptural details to remove or add to the body. For Cap’s head, I chose Waverider. Once the translucent hair is yanked (read more...)
Bruce Wayne (TNBA)
Bruce is the common recipe of the Hasbro new school Bruce Wayne head on a Hasbro new school Two-Face body. I used Kneadatite to even out the neckline, and smoothed the roughness of Two-Face’s left hand. Frankly, I usually find secret identity customs rather dull. This isn’t an exception. But (read more...)